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Coaching & Consulting

Even in these times or right now more important than ever before - I am there for you!

Stress management

- today more important than ever before

Success and balance come when performance and serenity go hand in hand

Power in your private and professional life and serenity at the same time - it's the right mix that makes people successful, balanced and happy in their lives. But many people fail to achieve this balancing act. Find out how it works for everyone here:

For you

Private and business coaching for a happy, fulfilled life in balance

Personal development and the associated discovery of one's own strengths and, above all, previously unused potential is a great challenge for many. Likewise, mastering conflicts or difficult situations in professional or private areas. As your coach, I am at your side – as an inspiration, decision-making aid, sparring partner and motivator.

Balance wiederfinden

Potentiale entdecken


Mehr Erfolg im Beruf

Strategie & Beratung

Business Coaching

Feel Good Management

For companies

Coaching in the company - for managers and employees

Employee leadership, motivation, confident demeanor – there are many reasons to support your employees with tailor-made coaching. Burnout of key performers can also be specifically prevented, bullying can be quickly put to an end and unused potential can be uncovered. Because your most valuable resource is your employees!


Coaching knows many ways

You don't have to be from Nuremberg to benefit from my coaching. I am also happy to be there for you via modern communication channels.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, coaching sessions are also possible via telephone or Zoom.

Business trip, vacation or just normal everyday stress: You live in Nuremberg and still don't always have time for a face-to-face meeting? It's good that you can decide flexibly where and how your coaching session should take place.

Get to know me now

Curious to find out more? Register now for a non-binding preliminary talk. It only takes 30 minutes, which - if you decide in favour of coaching - can change your whole life! And if you prefer to clarify initial questions by phone or e-mail, simply contact me.